We are currently asking for donatations to Damion's Amazon Adventure! Damion has volunteered and been accepted on a VESA Volunteering Program.  During 2017, Damion will hopefully travel to South America for 2 weeks to the Amazon.  During the 2 weeks he will help to teach English in a school, build bathrooms for people that don't have these facilities as well as trek and canoe across the Amazon.  

On 16th August 2014, we held a fund raising film premier 18th Birthday party for Damion Wilson.  We asked everyone to wear Black Tie and to enter into the spirit of the "Red Carpet" styled event!  We had a photographer capturing everyone's Red Carpet arrival; Kane Ricca (from Pulse Collective, S4 Got To Dance finalists) gave an outstanding performance to Radioactive by Imagine Dragons; the film (below) is a story of Damion's personal journey through his Bone Marrow Transplant, which we all watched Big Screen style with popcorn!  We sold nearly 60 tickets to the party and held a fund raising auction; we had a Game's station provided by Game with some of the latest games and equipment available for all the guests to use; we finished the night with an 80's, 90's & 2000's disco, which EVERYONE joined in with!  We particularly enjoyed the "Jackson-off" between 2 of the guests!

Donations to our 3 charities were made on 27 September, splitting the fabulous sum of £1647 between them!  We sent £516 to Anthony Nolan and helped to increase the register of donors by nearly 50 people, making it possible for more patients with cancer and marrow related illnesses to have a life saving marrow transplant; £565 to Teenage Cancer Trust and £566 to Bubble Foundation UK.  

If you wish to use the film for your fund raising, please contact us and we will happily send you the DVD!  Alternatively, It is available on Youtube!

Damion's 18th Fundraising Party
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